What exercise burns the most fat? Can you guess it?

The following question may be: Is there an exercise that can burns the most fat?
You may do hard exercise and take hard diet, finally you start to burn fat and looking very attractive, but unfortunately you may dream.
So what magic exercise burns the most fat?
Is there actually an exercise can burn the most fat?
If you already need to burn fat, this Would not in a day and night, you must be patient.
The good exercise burns the most fat depends basically on activation the cardiovascular circulation
Walking may be this fantastic magic exercise that burns the most fat.
Some times we have the enthusiasm to do the most tiring exercises and do all our effort to see the fat burns, but what if we failed, we feel hopeless and stopping that exercises.
Because walking is too easier than any other fat burning exercise so we will be patient to it and we have nothing to loose when we have no results for fat burning, so walking for five minutes every day may be the magic exercise burns the most fat.

What exercise burns the most fat? the three different type:
 There are three different types of exercises that can be helpful for fat burning they are:
 Resistance training
And cardio plus resistance training.
Cardio exercise that burn fats like ridding a stationary bike with varying levels of resistance.
Resistance training exercise:  like power yoga.
Cardio plus resistance training: like Beach Body Insanity.
If your focus is pure fat loss, then you should absolutely combine your weight lifting and cardio in one exercise.
 So without a doubt, combining cardio and resistance training exercises will burn the most fat.
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