Fat Burning exercises

There are some fat burning exercise tips that will help you to get the most fat burning benefits, we will mention some of them.
  1. Don't be very lazy with your fat burning exercise:
We all know that hard exercise will get more powerful result than easy exercise, so you must make a combination of both (for example walking and running).
  1. what exercise will both burns the most fat and is not boring?
You may choose an exercise that is very powerful for fat burning but unfortunately very hard exercise to maintain it and see your fat burning so be careful when choosing your exercise, so when you choose your fat burning exercise you must ask what exercise burns the most fat? and is not boring too.
  1. your fat burning exercise must be continuous
you must do your exercise in a regular way a day and a regular times a week to see the fat burning result.
  1. The fat burning exercise must be followed by some rest
when you do your hard exercise you need to follow it with some rest to get the most fat burning benefits
  1. Do not eat before the exercise
When you do your fat burning exercise on empty stomach then the body will take its energy from burning the stored fats.

After these fast fat burning tips, we will mention some examples of fat burning exercise:

Running and Jogging
These tow exercises are the better for fat burning because they need no special equipments and we can do them in any place.

Also one of the best exercises to burn fats.

Swimming is a low impact cross-training aerobic exercise which works all major muscle groups.

There are also some exercises that can help you to burn the most fat by increasing your metabolism so burning more fats such as:
  1. Kettle bell Swings (stationary or walking)
  2. Walking Lunges
  3. Chin Ups or Pull Ups (assisted if necessary)
  4. Push Ups (all varieties)
  5. Kettle Bell Turkish Get-Up
  6. Squats (all variety- back, front, jump, single leg)
  7. The Prowler
  8. Boxing
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Slide Board
  11. Battling Ropes
All of these movements incorporate major muscles (in some cases the entire body) which equals higher calorie burn both during and after the exercise, they are fun and athletic (makes you forget it’s work, sometimes), and they combine strength and metabolic conditioning which is the ultimate recipe fat burning.

Using these exercises in place of machines, steady-state cardio workouts and isolated exercises will not only create a toned and tight body with a low percentage of fat but you’ll also feel amazing, energized and pretty bad-ass.

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